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On Demand Webinar: A Grounded Approach for Launching the Cloud: Best Practices for Pragmatic Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is praised for delivering remarkable IT benefits that can drive real, measurable business impact.  Greater flexibility, fast startup, less cost and commitment, and dynamic performance all contribute to growing organizational interest and adoption of cloud architectures and solutions.

That being said, most companies are still in an evaluation phase.  This webinar will bring the enticing topic of cloud computing down from the sky and create relevancy for you from a grounded, practical perspective.   Our expert speakers will cover real-world problems and cloud solutions, equipping you with what you need to know about cloud  types, concerns and risks, design challenges, and a new process for assessing and implementing a realistic and functional cloud solution for improved agility and competitive positioning.

This session covers:
  • Cloud types and delivery models:  private, public, hybrid; software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service
  • One company’s cloud adoption story, from strategy to implementation and the results one year later
  • Best practices in cloud evaluation, risk mitigation, and implementation

This is the first webinar in a series on cloud topics.  Ajilitee’s cloud webinar series will help you better understand the cloud opportunity, answer the important question of “What should we be doing in the Cloud?” and take steps toward building your business case.

Be sure to read the complementary white paper “Cloud Computing From the Ground Up:  Cloud Basics and Pragmatic Best Practices for Getting Started.”


  • John Bair, Chief Technology Officer, Ajilitee
  • John Rhoton, distinguished technologist, cloud author and expert

This session was originally recorded on July 28, 2010.  To listen, click here.