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Consumer Engagement

Great member marketing begins with great information

Payers are making big changes to their marketing strategies. With consumers selecting their preferred insurance providers, Payers must blend effective consumer targeting, compelling offers, and an outstanding experience to become the healthcare insurer of choice.  At the core of this capability is accurate, comprehensive and accessible information.

Ajilitee’s Marketing Workshops and Strategy Services are designed to help you expand from a business-to-business (B2B) sales model to one in which you engage directly with members. This is important especially if your strategy includes participating in a Health Insurance Exchange. Our offerings help Payers answer critical questions required for marketing success, such as:

  • How can I segment customers and deliver appropriate market offers in a Health Insurance Exchange?
  • How can I integrate all my online and offline channels to deliver a personalized customer experience?
  • What is the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of my channel strategy?
  • What information do I need to develop an informed retention strategy?
  • How do I reduce risk and protect premium?
  • What data will help me refine product design?

Common business challenges we help solve

What can you expect from working with Ajilitee? Here are the most common business problems we see with our clients and ways we help overcome them.

  • Customer Engagement Strategy: As Health Insurance Exchanges gain acceptance and the number of individual members swell, Payers will be challenged to win—and retain—members in a cost-competitive environment.  The differentiation will come in the engagement experience that the member has across the many channels available to them.  We help you define and implement a Customer Engagement Strategy that gives you a holistic view of your customer and enables you to segment populations and tailor responses appropriately. Read more>>
  • Integrated Channel Management:   A critical enabler for the Customer Engagement Strategy is an integrated channel strategy in which online and offline channels deliver a consistent and personalized interaction.  We build integrated information infrastructures so you can evaluate interactions across channels, engage meaningfully, and deliver the right next step.
  • Marketing Measurement:   Measuring the effectiveness of marketing grows more challenging as channels proliferate and marketing grows more personal.  Which offers resonate with which audiences? What are our conversion rates by demographic and by offer?    To help shorten the timeframe from lead generation to conversion, we establish sales and marketing KPIs and build marketing performance dashboards to improve marketing planning, performance and spend.
  • Member Value Management: Let us help you gain deeper member insights to run optimized targeting and offers based on predictive models for response, conversions, and long-term member value.
  • Data Integration and Data Governance:  We fix poor data quality, duplicate contacts and outdated records by tapping multiple internal and external data sources to maintain the single view of members your Customer Engagement Strategy demands.  We help Payers implement data governance standards and best practices.

Improve member insight, data quality and governance, segmentation and outcomes

Choose from the following Marketing Workshops and Strategy Services to improve your data and insights to get you closer to your members:

  • Marketing Analytics Workshop:  This valuable half-day session enables health plans to compare their current-state functional analytics to similar functional analytic areas throughout healthcare and beyond, using case studies and leading best practices. Deliverables include a functional and technical high-level assessment, actionable recommendations and business value examples.
  • Governance Workshop and Detailed Assessment:  A half-day session focuses on data standards and governance practices for your Member records, including current state and ideal state, a maturity assessment, a high-level roadmap, case studies and best practices. This assessment often uncovers hidden information management problems that are hindering your success. Deliverables include Member data governance Point of View, workshop results, and a business case for the value of data governance.  A multi-week program goes much deeper with stakeholder interviews, a current vs. ideal state assessment and gap analysis, and a detailed roadmap with recommendations.
  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Workshop: This three-day session involves a vision brainstorm and assessment of your information architecture maturity to develop a current vs. future state information overview and roadmap for improvement, complete with business benefits.
  • Marketing Analytics/EIM Blueprint & Roadmap: Unleash the power of your Marketing analytic capabilities. This two- to three-month effort starts with a vision exercise and includes a detailed needs assessment,  current state summary vs. end state model, a value delivery roadmap, and a business case for change.
  • Marketing Solution Workshop (Proof of Concept in the Cloud): This extensive effort develops a cloud-based proof of concept for a Marketing solution of choice. Workshops are conducted to develop use cases and business requirements that lead to a working concept, demos and a refined solution.
  • Marketing Needs and Business Value Assessment: This three- to six-week initiative involves business executive interviews, a survey of relevant business processes, a business needs and value assessment, and  a vision brainstorm to pinpoint new areas for potential business value.
  • Marketing Technical Environment Assessment: This three- to six-week effort helps you align key business drivers with your Marketing technical environment. Outcomes include a current state summary, an end state model, and prioritized actionable recommendations for technical improvements.
  • 1Customer Value Map: This two-week workshop assesses your customer engagement capabilities and identify ways to improve them.  We tackle how to leverage current tech investments in CRM and customer services for better results; what information strategies will deliver a holistic view of customer information across all channels; where to allocate IT resources in the next 12 months to improve outcomes; what metrics to use to evaluate your customer engagement effectiveness; and how to better support your Marketing team. Read more>>


Inc 5000 2014 LaunchPoint 100

Inc. magazine has ranked LaunchPoint, parent company of Ajilitee, #100 in its 2014 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.

According to IDC Health Insights, 70% of business and technology payer resources* will be invested in consumer engagement and care management

  • •More than 50% of health plans will embrace 360-degree CRM solutions
  • •Integration, data management, business intelligence, and communications are top investment areas
  • •Tools replacement applications across the consumer engagement platform are also a priority
*Excluding ICD-10 compliance resources
Sources:  IDC Health Insights' Healthcare Payer Business and Technology Trends Survey, December 2012 and U.S. HealthCare Payer IT 2013 Top 10 Predictions: Embracing Innovation.