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Survey insight: investment priorities

Survey insight: investment priorities


Although 72% of plans indicated they are prepared or very prepared for the Affordable Care Act, 98% of plans indicated they will be making investments in one or more of the following areas:



These responses indicate that while the majority of health plans feel prepared for the ACA, there is still a significant amount of work to be done to build out the business capabilities they will need in the post-reform marketplace. Ajilitee has focused expertise and a proven record of helping plans develop market-leading solutions in Provider Data Management, Consumer Engagement, and Care Management solutions.

For more survey results, click here to review the 3 key findings from our survey of health plans on their response to ACA developments and challenges.

Video bonus

Check out the brief video below to understand the information, data and technical challenges faced by health plans in the post-reform world — and what is needed to succeed.

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