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Day 7…clock ticks on Groupon offer

Day 7. Ajilitee’s Groupon offer completed its official run on the Groupon site yesterday and entered a two-week extension here on the Ajilitee site.  Are IT executives agile enough to take advantage of this really good deal?  In truth, we really didn’t expect our enterprise buyers to move that deftly—their buying cycles just don’t lend themselves to impulse buys of the Groupon variety.  Still we believe there’s something in the B2C model that can work for us B2b buyers and sellers.

Groupon apparently does, too, according to a recent Media Buying Online interview during which Groupon confirmed its interest in B2B potential for their platform. Click here for the full story.

Among the most interesting conversations we’ve had since our offer launched was a chat with Gary Slack of Slack and Co., a prominent national B2B marketing specialist headquartered in Chicago.  The same week our offer rolled out, Gary announced BizyDeal, a new B2B portal that will focus on connecting B2B buyers and sellers, specifically in the small business sector. “We definitely see the same potential you see,” said Gary. “To be successful with a b-to-b deal site, you need to understand enterprise sellers, small-business buyers, distribution channels, procurement processes and channel-conflict issues.”

Spot on, Gary! We’re making our short list of learnings to share with everyone, and they include your qualifiers.  They also include the thought that adoption has to occur in baby steps.  Like eBay Business, which Gary’s team helped launch, it started first with individual consumers, migrated to small businesses and eventually won over enterprise buyers.

Any thoughts out there on how (or whether) B2B can leverage the deal of the day/week model? Is small business the obvious first target? Can enterprise buyers get around their organizational restraints to join the fun?