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Data Governance Marketing, Part 3: What to Communicate

In my last two posts, I called out the need for continual marketing and self-promotion of your data governance message in order for your DG program to take root and flourish. I also reviewed the various communication forums at your disposal.

So, what should you be communicating? At a minimum, the DG “message” should consist of the following:

  • What is DG?
  • Why do we need it here?
  • What are the benefits of DG? (Try to tailor this to your audience)

As you develop and grow your DG program, keep the  ideas below in mind. They are examples of the type of data governance material, information and artifacts that should become part of your message to the business and IT community involved in governance.

DG Policies

  • The policies should be formally captured and conveyed to the organization
  • Developed or co-developed by stewards (you want the business or line of business to be the trustee and set direction)
  • Have policies reviewed, voted upon, and approved by the DG Council. Use their names in your communications – especially when trying to gain behavior change in their area

Statistics / metrics / outcomes

  • Word of warning! – do not deluge with statistics in your message to the organization. Select the most impactful measurements and convey them. For Data Quality measurements, set benchmarks and convey improvements (or a worsening)

Value and business case of DG program

  • Utilize “WOW!” moments – Again, the most eye-opening metrics helps cement your DG raison d’etre

Project status

    • Remind your audience where your DG program is in its continuum– just getting started? Midway? Tail end?

General stories –highs and lows

    • Challenges and rough patches and insights from them are of value. This also serves to reinforce that DG is analogous to a marathon, not a dash. DG cultural adoption and maturity is a gradual process.
    • Incremental successes

External articles about data governance from the media

    • A quick Internet search every quarter or so can yield some interesting articles or bits to share to raise awareness about the need and benefits for DG. Let others do some of the work for you.
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You should never find yourself at a loss for something to communicate. In fact, take care not to over-saturate your audience. Too much information dilutes the impact. And the other word of warning is to realize: Just because this is “Data Governance” does not mean it is (just) about data.  Boring!  Make the message about the business, about the impact of poor or unmanaged data. That’s what grabs their attention.  Good luck!