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About Us

Leadership team

We are entrepreneurs, consultants, business leaders and partners with world-renowned expertise in everything information.

Consulting companies are only as good as their people.  At Ajilitee, we stand tall knowing we have some of the best consultants anywhere in the world.  Our people have come from big-data backgrounds, and have solved some of the most challenging and complex information problems out there.  We’ve earned prestigious awards for data integration and analytics excellence, and own multiple data management patents.  Our depth of experience in cloud computing helps clients benefit from a more agile business sooner, before competitors.  Leading healthcare, Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies have relied on our expertise, and you can too.

We have a track record of proven business, healthcare, and consulting experience

Ajilitee brings a rare blend of business acumen, industry expertise, technical proficiency and consulting excellence to our engagements.   Having held leadership posts at global and specialized companies like Amazon, HP and Knightsbridge Solutions, we’ve delivered hundreds of technical solutions aligned with the business within the industries of healthcare, financial services, energy, e-commerce and more.  Our experience architecting cloud-based and traditional IT infrastructures, global data centers, information systems, ERP systems and call centers can benefit your next strategic initiative.

Ajilitee is a division of LaunchPoint Corporation, provider of information-centric business services and solutions for healthcare enterprises.  Ajilitee’s sister division, Discovery Health Partners, provides intelligent payment integrity offerings for improved recoveries, cost avoidance and revenue optimization. Solutions include subrogation, coordination of benefits, eligibility services, claims review and audit.